Providing clarity and overview to achieve your goals

Roter Faden Consulting:
The “Red Thread” for doctors and counselors – as well as IT businesses.

The challenges are strikingly alike …

  • How to find the right staff?
  • How to manage and communicate effectively?
  • How to successfully develop the business?
  • In which way to deal with „me“ as the very bottle-neck?
  • What are the ways to allocate my limited time best?

Positioning in the market place

I will help you to find your individual positioning …

  • … that attracts good staff and patients/clients
  • … that helps you to find the right balance between job and private life

Strengths and constraints

… Concentrate on your strengths!

  • What is it that is really special about you and only you?
    The challenge is to become utterly concrete.
  • What are your (and your company’s) main constraints?
    The challenge is to identify the ones that hinder you to become successful or to be more successful.

“(…) it’s not exaggerated, if I write that Hermann Häfele was exceptionally engaged in the process: In the course of the last months I was able to work out my own sharp profile – for me and my business. I not only know my constraints now, I know my strengths and my target group!
Thank you, Hermann Häfele – in contrast to other ʻcoachesʻ you really did help me find the right way. (…).”

Tanja T., Berlin

And now – what?

Roter Faden” means to find the right “thread” through one’s issues and challenges towards one’s goals.
Let’s meet up and talk about you and your goals. I will listen to you and we will find out whether I am able to help and whether we can work together or not.

Personal Coaching

Sometimes it also helps to start with a 1:1 personal coaching …

“You really helped me in my personal development and I truely feel strengthened and encouraged!”
Pamela R., Berlin

Please also take a look at my website – or just contact me!

Clarity, overview and goal achievement for you and your business …
First small and then increasingly bigger success … but in all realms
How does that sound to you?

Let us clarify what exactly your situation is – call or email me now!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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