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Finding a Red Thread from strategy and corporate goals to leadership? The “right” employees take care of the issues that are right for them. And this creates sustainable motivation. So how can this be done well?


For small and medium-sized companies in particular, this is a great challenge – firstly, because good skilled workers are now a “scarce commodity” and secondly, because of course you are always in a certain amount of competition with large companies. So above a certain size, it really does make sense to look at the advantages of internal recruitment: According to Gallup studies, more than 50% of employees still do not really feel they are in the “right job”.

If this is (at least) one of the bottlenecks or even the central bottleneck, it lends itself perfectly to a Red Thread project. And small business grants are also available for such projects – they are (still) available at with manageable bureaucracy. This is really recommendable SME funding.

According to the Red Thread philosophy, we basically assume that everything is linked and connected to everything else.

In any case, it makes sense to also look at this topic from the perspective of strategic positioning, which means really looking at things from above:

  • Even if it sounds provocative: Do I need another force at all?
  • How can I possibly achieve a significantly higher effectiveness through good reorganisation and change of processes?
  • In what way can I involve the existing staff?
  • Are they already working optimally – i.e. as far as possible in their ‘preferences’?
  • How can this be determined and, if necessary, improved?


  • If additional staff are needed, the question is of course, for what exactly?
  • What kind of people am I looking for – with what strengths and what preferences?
  • What if we turned the tables and looked for sales strategies to ‘sell’ the organisation to good people – in other words, to convince them that getting involved here would be a good idea?

The Red Thread has a model of “target area descriptions” (ZGB) that is best suited to answer such questions. And this model also offers a connection to the management and retention of employees: It puts the “WHY” question (what does the company stand for, what benefits does it want to create and what strategic goals is it pursuing to do so) centrally in focus — and offers a great opportunity to then apply and implement all this down to the work areas.

It is also a great idea to implement the TEAM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (TMS®) and possibly also the TYPUS-Profile – both extremely productive and helpful supports in the process. If you want to learn more about the TMS® please look also at the following websites: and

I am a certified and licensed partner of the TMS-System and have been using it on all levels – it really is a great tool, with a huge impact. The point here is to find out more about the staff’s preferences in the first place and to then find the best suitable job for the team members as well as embedding all this in the overall strategy.

Risks and side effects: The motivation of your staff could increase, sick leave could decrease. And this will lead to increasingly better results!

So let us analyse where exactly your ‘burning bottlenecks’ are. Let us then start to act along a suitable “Red Thread”, with other words, let’s find the roadmap, which really fits YOUR situation and your needs!

Write to me – I look forward to hearing from you!

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