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Finding the ‘Red Thread’ for communication – which means, finding out, how all factors interact with one another and then to develop an proper roadmap on that basis.
Learning to communicate means getting to know yourself and others. Communication techniques can contribute to learning to understand people.
What exactly is it about, what benefits are in prospect and how can the connection with the strategic positioning of the company succeed?


Communication comes from the Latin communicatio, which simply means ‘message’. So it is about exchanging information, opinions, experiences and much more. This includes telephone, video calls, video conferences and other forms of (mostly internet) connection.

At the same time, in the vast majority of cases, this exchange is about communication between people.

People are – quite legitimately – different. The big trap we fall into again and again is to “lump people together”, so to speak. “He or she doesn’t understand me”, “He or she doesn’t ‘work'”, “Why is it that team communication in department X is so poor?” …
All familiar statements.

Learning to communicate means getting to know people and communication techniques can contribute to learning to understand people.

At Roter Faden Consulting we work with the TEAM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (TMS®) as well as with the TYPUS-Profile: in both cases these are extremely practice-oriented team development tools. It is very worthwhile to use them as part of a project.
For further information please also refer to and

Good communication within the company team really does have numerous benefits: Effectiveness increases enormously and the topics of “finding employees” as well as “managing employees” and “retaining employees” (almost) always have something to do with it.
No, it’s not splitting hairs: the question: ‘How do I motivate employees?’ should be consistently answered with: ‘You can’t!’
People can really only do that themselves! Of course there is the so-called ‘extrinsic motivation’ via e.g. money – but it only works conditionally and only up to a certain limit. If motivation does not come from within, it is often because it is simply the wrong person in the wrong job. Or that the communication is not coherent, which brings us to what can be done:
It’s about creating the best possible conditions (again and again).

Strategic positioning also means thinking about communication:
Communication with clients.
Communication within the team.
And – perhaps the most important – communication with yourself.

What are your points of view on these issues?
What exactly is the state of affairs and what would you like to see?
Let’s talk about it and the very situation you are currently in!

Write to me – I look forward to hearing from you!

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