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Hermann Häfele – Roter Faden Finder

Lots of Experience

Owner of the brand Roter Faden Consulting.
Background: Business education and Master of Professional Consulting; educated coach, trainer and change-manager.

24 years of industry experience: service- and logistics-oriented business-fields, IT-projects, about ten years of different leadership roles.

Main passion: “advanced” business development – to support people and businesses to be successful and to closely accompany their implementation phase.
Proficient in German and English.

Hermann Häfele
Annett Majidi-Shad

Annett Majidi-Shad

As a senior assistant Annett Majidi-Shad manages greatly all realms of the backoffice;
with her creative and proactive mind she’s a real asset to Roter Faden Consulting.

She makes use of a broad range of experience, which she gathered in numerous different fields:
Before she started to work for Roter Faden Consulting, she served as as a hotel secretary, as a taxi driver, as a carpenter, as a social education worker and also as a senior backoffice manager.

Strong Partners

Antje Hein

Antje Hein

Antje is a senior consultant who focuses on the corporate identity as well as marketing of companies and organizations: She’s an expert for the transfer of an organization’s strategic decisions into a kind of marketing, which really attracts the desired target group.
She specializes in changes of perspectives and paradigms in thinking, writing and communicating;
Antje facilitates Workshops, offers trainings for leaders and also seminars for “writing and communicating”, which also explore the inpact of language on business culture and the motivation of staff.
She offers her services in German (first language), English, French and Spanish.

Joachim Berendt

Joachim Berendt

Joachim Berendt is a senior consultant.
He combines theory with practice and is also an honorary professor at various universities.
He specializes in “Intellectual Capital Statements”, a highly innovative and holistic approach, which makes “hard and soft facts” transparent and measurable and thereby allows powerful change processes.

Bernhard Beer

Bernhard Beer

Berlin – MBA in Leadership and Change Management; 20 years of industry experience in hospitality and consumer electronics. 15 years of different leadership roles.
Specialist for leadership, change management and business strategy.
He actively supports you throughout the process until your goals are achieved.

Frank Weber

Frank Weber

Trained as a banking manager Frank studied business administration.
He gathered a lot of experience over 20+ years in different companies: He served as a financial expert, had leadership- as well as consulting roles; the last having been head of business development and communication of a corporate company including the responsibility for all change management and post merger activities.
He did additional trainings at the business school in St. Gallen, Switzerland and he is also a trained NLP Master, Coach and Mediator (FH Darmstadt).

Memberships (selection)

I am a member of the German Forum for Strategy e.V.

Further information:

Member of the German association for Transaction Analysis

… which concentrates on the models and teachings of Eric Berne fort he improvement of culture and communication in society and in companies.

Further information:

Certified trainer of the Team Management System

… of Marguerison/McCann as well as the Team Performance Model (TPM) of Drexler/Sibbet.
And thereby also part of that international trainer network: “Personal and team development focused on business results”.

Further information:

Social engagement: Member of the Desert Flower Center of the Berlin hospital „Waldfriede”

“Every 11 seconds, a girl in the world is cut. Every third girl cut dies as a result of FGM and many suffer a lifetime of both physical and psychological trauma.
With the establishment of the Desert Flower Foundation in 2002, we have declared war on this cruel ritual.” (Waris Dirie)

The “Waldfriede” hospital offers medical and psychological support including self help groups for affected women.

Further informationen:

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