Positionierung für Unternehmen und Selbstständige - Hermann Häfele Roter Faden Consulting
Positionierung für Unternehmen und Selbstständige - Hermann Häfele Roter Faden Consulting

Welcome to my Website Roter Faden (=”Red Thread”) Consulting!

What does that mean? A Red Thread is a common theme, it is something that interconnects all aspects and realms.

It is what is so important if you want to practice successful and sound leadership: To see both – the big picture AND all the many aspects … to understand, how it all works together and to then find and pursue the most promising path.

We live in challenging times! Leadership needs to newly defined.

You are entrepreneur, in a leadership role or high-performer and head of a team?
You need excellent coaching, consulting and possibly mentoring – with a high degree of expertise in strategy (based on the strategy-teachings of Prof. Mewes – see memberships
[her LINK nach
AND implementation as well as social competence?
Then we should meet / get to know each other!

I coach small and medium sized companies – also internationally – in finding their
best positioning and in creating a good corporate / company – culture.

Here’s some questions, we deal with in Roter Faden  / Red Thread – projects:

  • Do you want to become a magnet for customers and good staff?
  • You are looking for solutions for your constraints/challenges or for a new
    strategic positioning?
  • Sie want to find the right statt, lead the well and retain them?
  • You are also occupied by personal issues?
  • You wish to create good and functioning teams as well as a good quality of life
    for yourself and for your employees?
  • You are asking yourself, how to hold up the team spirit in difficult times and how to
    use crises as chances?
  • You are looking for higher resilience for your company as well as for yourself and your staff?
  • And last but not least: You have had enough with all those quick fix coachings and
    „internet aspirin solutions“ the impact of which is often enough fading away all too quickly?
Roter Faden

Roter Faden / Red Thread Consulting: Here’s your experienced partner for successful company coachings and consulting packages!

What can I do for you? Let’s talk via phone or online/Zoom and find out, how I can help you! Please contact me via h.haefele@roter-faden-consulting.de
— I’m looking forward to talk to you!

Finding direction

Dr. Armin Seitz, general manager of a leading German company:

Highly focused workshops für our leadership people, for the heads of our teams as well as intensive personal coachings – that’s what’s really set a lot of things in motion in the meantime. With the Team of Roter Faden (Red Thread), you can tell that they really come from the real world.

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