Providing clarity and overview to achieve your goals
Indiviuelle Begleitung für Ihr Unternehmen

Individual accompaniment

You want an individual programme tailored to you and your company?
No problem.



We arrange a kick-off workshop with each other. There are guiding questions for preparation in advance. There, we collect the topics and jointly design a red thread for the solution.

Der Rote Faden Consulting unterstützt Solopreneure und Selbständige ihr eigenes Unternehmen zu entwickeln und erfolgreich zu führen und mit klarer Positionierung Wunschkunden zu gewinnen
Tools & Skills

Professionally, you certainly understand more about your business than I do anyway – so I help you to re-align exactly this knowledge well and to become, be or stay successful on the market (again) with good tools.


What you won’t get with me

I won’t give you a PowerPoint presentation of dozens of pages on what to do and how to do it. You are welcome to go elsewhere for that. I do have a pretty big “toolbox”, but I am a practitioner – all I care about are two things:

  1. Whether you really want to change something.
  2. And secondly, everything that is suitable for you to (re)move something and to support and accompany you individually and in the best possible way.

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