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Red Thread Personal, overarching themes? – Personal 1:1 coaching

Often enough you might wonder what to do:
There are a lot of business related topics on your mind and yet you feel it somehow might also have to do something with personal issues.

Where exactly is my discomfort?

Sometimes we realize that things aren’t “flowing” in our lives – we get increasingly moody, discontent and we can’t really avoid this feeling to influence all realms of our life; whether it’s our relationships, our professional life or issues with ourselves.

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It is my deep conviction and my experience with numerous clients that this is exactly what it is all about – to understand that there is almost always a red thread running through the issues and that everything is interrelated and interacts with each other.

It’s not very promising to tackle one issue on the surface and not dig deeper.
Either you face all there is or you’ll always end up with “aspirin-solutions”…
Grant yourself more joy of life and less stress. A “holistic” approach is the best you can choose – IF you really want to change something!

So if you should also have personal issues, which you think could be related to your overall situation, I look forward to hearing from you: Either here at or at

I am quite capable of covering all these issues, let’s find out together, how they are interconnected!

By the way: About once a month I publish the ” Roter Faden Impulse” (Red Thread Impulses) in German – which, by means of small thought-provoking impulses, also repeatedly build the bridge between strategy, communication, leadership and self-management as well as your own development of consciousness. – I am always happy about new subscribers: Have a look at Impulse.

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