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Strategic positioning and its implementation

Finding your own good positioning and following it up with action: This means weaving a Red Thread from one’s own strategic management to team building and further to the ongoing development of the organisation.
What does it mean to start from the respective “most burning constraint”. How can you find out which interacting factors actually lead to good team building and which are the ones that entail a good business development?


Good positioning and truly strategic organisational consulting are always oriented towards a “from the inside out” attitude. A centrepiece of the Red Thread work is the Mewes Strategy. Prof. Wolfgang Mewes (1924-2016) founded and developed the bottleneck-focused strategy, which clearly deviates from conventional business administration.

The aim is to find the missing or insufficiently “maintained” part – the bottleneck – in the entire business process. Often there is a “subjective” and an “objective” bottleneck. Both need to be identified. The aim is to take a holistic view. Afterwards, strategically thinking entrepreneurs combine this with the question of inner strengths and special competences as well as with the question of the (right) target group and the benefit they want to give them.

Have you ever been to a good osteopath?
There are similarities! To illustrate: It may be that you have pain in your right arm, for example – and perhaps to your surprise the therapist starts working on your left hip after a detailed anamnesis. Just like the body, a company can also be seen as a whole organism.

  • In which markets are you active and are your products and services designed in such a way that they fulfil customer benefit expectations as precisely as possible?
  • Are your sales strategies successful and do you reach your desired customers?
  • How is the leadership in your company?
  • How does the team culture affect external attractiveness?
  • What makes a good team and who has what role in the team?
  • What team rules do your people work by? And which ones does your company follow?
  • Does everyone know his or her individual contribution to value creation and corporate goals?

The TEAM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (TMS®, also refer to ) plays an essential role in my projects. It fits perfectly into the philosophy we pursue, which is strongly based on the works of Prof. Wolfgang Mewes: The Mewes Strategy focusses on the strengths of an organization as well as on its constraints. Extremely valuable additions to this strategic framework were made over the years by Peter Sawtschenko, Stefan Merath, Kerstin Friedrich, Dr. Steffen Adler and others. The “constraint orientated” Mewes Strategy does resemble the Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s “Theory of Constraints” and yet there are some differences; maybe Mewes’ thoughts can be used and applied even broader.

We at Roter Faden Consulting have further developed this methodology and use the very best inspirations – from the above mentioned as well as from a high number of others as well (e.g. Stephen Covey, Simon Sinek). Our passion is to bring you the best benefit possible and it is best expressed in our claim “clarity -> overview -> achieve your goals”. So what can I do for you? What exactly is the state of affairs, what do you need and what do you want?
Write me an email! Let’s talk about it. – I look forward to hearing or reading from you.


The TEAM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (TMS®) and various others play a role in the work with the Red Thread and can be used wonderfully for all these topics. The Red Thread has also further developed the Mewes strategy, drawing inspiration from the extremely valuable additions made over the years by Peter Sawtschenko, Stefan Merath, Kerstin Friedrich, Dr. Steffen Adler and others.

So ‘systemic organisational consulting’ is definitely an apt term for Roter Faden projects – we consistently follow the motto “clarity -> overview -> achieve goals”!

If you are comfortable with the idea of such a ‘holistic approach’, we could be the right partners for each other.
What can I do for you?
What exactly is the state of affairs, what do you need and what do you want?

Let’s talk about it. – I look forward to meeting you!

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