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5+12-Pakete für Team und Unternehmensführung

Workshops & Offers

Strategy, leadership, team development, communication and sales.

Roter Faden offers workshops and trainings in the realms of strategy, leadership, team development, communication and sales.
They are also available in English as inhouse trainings and they can be customized to your needs.
My prime concern is that there is an impact, a lasting one – it’s much more sensible to go for an individual program than only for one single impulse.

Please find underneath a selection of trainings, workshops an offers:

Business Workshops
  • “Strategic approaches in leadership”
  • “How to develop high performance teams”
  • “Success through customer-orientated communication”
  • “Self management and activity planning”
  • “How to check processes and improve effectivity”
Power-Workshop-Package for larger organizations

“Easy and Successful Communication” – the “Power-Workshop-Package” and booster for motivation and change:

For whom?

  • Companies with several subsidiaries or regional offices
  • Larger companies with international offices
  • Organizations, which want to really offer a value-added package to their members

… and the likes. For sales department, order management units, leadership circles or generally mixed groups.

What does it consist of?

  • Preliminary alignment and organization
  • Invitation of people of the participating companies / subsidiaries or departments, including lead questions as a preliminary “homework” (what is perceived as the biggest constraint in current communication?)
  • Depending on the number of participants, the workshop(s) take(s) place with either one or two trainers
  • At the end there is goal setting: What is it, participants want to implement in their daily life?
  • Participants will receive a follow-up phone call within 2-4 weeks about their progress and further questions
  • Participants will also receive a documentary of the workshop
  • Heads, CEOs, or respective general managers will get an overall summary and it is possible (and very sensible) to get a personal visit from one or both trainers to the board or respective upper management(s): With concrete information, what we noticed, as well as ideas and concrete recommendations how to continue and use the momentum of motivation.

What are the benefits?

  • A potentially sharp rise in motivation which will boost your productivity.
  • Very concrete ideas how to start (or then continue!) process improvement projects or the likes in your companies.
  • You don’t have to plough through dozens of well-designed powerpoint-slides of some consulting company …
  • People are relieved and re-energized. Why? Because they get really hands-on, practical tools and advice to improve their day to day situation.
  • [If you are an association:] Members will be highly pleased, as they get a quite unique value added offer; very affordable for each and much more effective than doing it on your own.

And now?

Well – And now email me and we will meet: We’ll find out whether and how this unique package can be customized to your needs and situation!
I’m looking forward to hearing from you – send me an email!

Customized to your needs

Though I’m based in Berlin/Germany I can of course deliver such trainings/workshops in other locations as well – let’s talk about it.

businesses are “living organisms”

Advanced Business Development

In my view, businesses are “living organisms”. Only “technical” strategies won’t get you anywhere. Let’s look at all relevant factors – and how they are interconnected – that is an approach, which is significantly more powerful as “conventional” consulting processes.
And – above all – an impact, which lasts!
YOU are the expert in your business. I am an expert in helping you find your best path to your goals. During a thorough analysis we identify the strengths and the constraints in your business together. We define the impacting factors and then a list of measures, which enable powerful change and growth to actually happen.
I will accompany you and your staff to implement measurable (!) changes.

I want YOU and your staff to succeed. And I am passionate about supporting and enabling growth processes: inner growth almost inevitably leads to the growth of the whole business.
Let’s make an appointment (first appointment is always for free) – to meet and to talk about your situation!

I am looking forward to meeting you!

businesses are “living organisms”

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