Providing clarity and overview to achieve your goals
5+12-Pakete für Team und Unternehmensführung

5+12 = Clarity, Overview, Achieving Goals

5+12 means the number of days for such a project.

The ‘5’ stands for the time (days) with the company management, the ’12’ for the time with the company team (with or without management, depending on the needs and goals). Best suited to create a push in the company!

Finding the right positioning and approach

In order to achieve this clarity and overview, it is important to understand what your strengths are as a company and what yours are as leadership or management.
We also need a bottleneck analysis.

Blick von oben

I work (only) “top down” — that means, in the first step, looking at the company together from above.


Justus von Liebig recognised in the 19th century that plant growth always depends on first taking a soil sample and analysing it: Only then, and only then, is it possible to supply the plant with the exact nutrients it is lacking at the moment.
These considerations also occupied Professor Wolfgang Mewes, on whose strategy theory essential parts of the Red Thread Principle are based.

It is therefore important to identify both the “perceived” – and, if already possible – the “objective” bottleneck. From this, the strengths analysis (see above) and the company’s goals, the red thread of our work emerges.



Is that enough then? You decide!

It makes a lot of sense to define the initial parameters — so we can measure the changes together. Further implementation support is always good, but basically you and your team then have a really effective toolbox for leadership, communication, team development (e.g. with the Team Management System) and strategic orientation!

Only two points are important:

  1. It always starts “top-down”.
  2. And secondly, it’s a waste of money to simply work on a single topic – since things are almost all and always interconnected.

So it’s better to take a holistic approach!

Hermann Häfele – Unternehmensberater – Roter Faden Consulting

The Red Thread is
gladly there for you!


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