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Lead Questions

I’ve summarized some questions, you may ask yourself. If you don’t find your specific problem here, please do not hesitate to contact me, so that we can clarify, what I can do for you.

Frequent Questions in SMEs


  • How do we actually know, whether our strategy works?
  • What are the ingredients for a good strategy?
  • “Positioning” in the market place, what does that mean?
  • How do we communicate our strategy best to our staff?
  • Which are the best ways to keep our best clients?


  • How do we compete with large companies for the best staff?
  • What are ways to find out, whether a candidate could fit?
  • How do we improve our business culture, fluctuation is too high?
  • Why do our people seem to be so little motivated?
  • How can we keep the best people in our company?


  • How can we improve our sales? Our customers don’t seem to understand us
  • Sales Training? How can we really boost our sales?
  • There’s a lot of energy being wasted in internal discussions and fights – what can we do?
  • Everybody moans there is too little time and too much work, what can we do?
  • Project management: How can we improve the performance of our teams?

Frequent Questions as Solopreneurs/Freelancers


  • I’m pretty good at what I’m doing – why do I not have more clients?
  • How can I communicate, what my speciality is?
  • What are the reasons why somebody books/hires/engages me?
  • How can I convince someone to work with me?
  • I do want more success, I just get stuck ever again – what can I do?

Time & Management

  • I just don’t know, where my time goes – I’ve got too much to do and would like to earn more
  • Is the life of a self employed person the right choice for me anyway?
  • How can I get my priorities right?
  • There’s so much to “manage” – how can I do more of what I want to do?
  • My motivation fluctuates so much, what’s wrong with me?

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