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Roter Faden Coaching:
Offers for solopreneurs and freelancers

… and people, who want to see change in their life

Who are you? Why do you do what you do? And is that, what you want to do? What do you offer and for whom?

You have a lot to offer? But you are wondering, why you don’t enjoy the economic success you are looking for yet?
Do you feel you have to cope with a lot of setbacks – be it through lack of time or doubts?

Then it’s high time for a candid analysis and possibly a re-orientation!

Positioning in the market place

I will help you to find your individual positioning – with other words the very specialization…

  • … that really suits you and what you are really good at,
  • … and meets the needs of your desired target group (the people or companies you want to work for).

Strengths and constraints

It’s very important to concentrate on your strengths: What is it that is really special about you and only you? The challenge is to become utterly concrete.
And – also part of the process – we will look at your constraints: No, that’s not a list of weaknesses; it is finding out, what the very specific factor(s) are that hold you back or hinder you to become successful.
The result is a very sharp profile and clear path ahead!

“(…) it’s not exaggerated, if I write that Hermann Häfele was exceptionally engaged in the process: In the course of the last months I was able to work out my own sharp profile. I not only know my constraints now, I know my strengths and my target group!
Thank you, Hermann Häfele – in contrast to other ʻcoachesʻ you really did help me find the right way. (…).”

Tanja T., Berlin

“… you can’t describe it, you have to experience it!”
A. Schlotte, Berlin

And now – what?

Roter Faden” means to find the right “thread” through one’s issues and challenges towards one’s goals.
Let’s meet up and talk about you and your goals. I will listen to you and we will find out whether I am able to help and whether we can work together or not.

“You really helped me in my personal development and I truely feel strengthened and encouraged!”
Pamela R., Berlin

“Clarity, overview and goal achievement for you and your business. First small and then increasingly bigger success …” – How does that sound to you?

Let us clarify what exactly your situation is – call or email me now!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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