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Strategic Positioning and Implementation

How does it work?

If you really want to achieve long lasting effects and change, you need to look at your business “holistically”: There are hardly any factors, which do not interact with at least one, mostly many other ones.
Only if you align leadership, communication and the way your sales works with your positioning – your strategic approach – will you be able to really see sustainable impact.
All levels and parts of a company need to be part of such a process.

So it is good to take a “helicopter‘s perspective”: If really everybody in the company knows his or her role and what their concrete contribution is, there will be a dynamic development:

So after a serious look at your goals as the business owner and those of or for your company there needs to be comprehensive analysis of strengths as well as constraints.
A constructive questioning of the current state is the basis for a change of perspective.

“Constraints” are not just any problems; they are the very hurdles that keep your company from a further sound developing.
Unterstanding the constraints and the key factors then prevents you from going for „Aspirin-solutions“ – with other words quick-fixes for symptoms – at last you can find really effective approaches.

“The strategic positioning process gave me and my business the deciding kick.”
Antje Hein, business owner in Berlin
(got decorated with „entrepreneurship excellence of female business owners“ by the German government)

The term “Roter Faden” is actually an idiom in the German language: It means to find a “thread” through a complex realm or topic and its most deciding factors – the right thread helps you to keep the overview and to successfully achieve your goals.

At last things become very clear – with such an approach you can find exactly the right measures … measures, which make sense, are effective and measurable.
I will gladly accompany you throughout the process and during all phases of implementation.

You can take a first look at the kind of questions that actually help to start the above mentioned analysis.

So now – What are your options?

Roter Faden Consulting especially likes to work for businesses and organizations in the IT- and service industry with about 5-50 employees.

There are various sensible starting options:

1. Individual program for you

You are looking for an individual program for you and your business, which is aligned to your situation and needs: A first (1h) meeting to get to know each other is always cost-free.
I‘m happy to see you, so please do make contact, via phone or email!

2. Subsidy program of German government

Maybe you are (also) interested whether you are eligible for a German subsidy program, that refunds 50 to 80% of coaching costs. It is called “unternehmensWert:Mensch” and it focuses on leadership and knowledge/knowledge management.
If that is so, please let me know. In some cases such a program can be a sensible initial start for getting things going.
If you do speak German and want to get preliminary information, please refer to the site unternehmensWert:Mensch.

3. Very special offer for large companies, groups and/or associations
“Easy & Successful Communication” is a “power-workshop-package” with enormous benefits for your organization(s) and it consists of a number of different parts and stages: It is comprehensively described here.
4. Trainings and seminars

You want to start with certain trainings/seminars?
I offer a variety of seminars in the realms of strategy, leadership, business culture and sales as well as implementation and process improvement.

And I design my seminars in the form of workshops – with a strict practice orientation and the active involvement of participants.

Workshops are usually offered as inhouse trainings and preferably we would design a “package” together – something similar to 3. – with follow-up support for the participants.

“At last: Now I‘ve got the feeling to have a really solid basis for my leadership work.”
Stefan Förder, owner and general manager of an IT-business in Berlin

So – whatever your situation is: Most sensible is to meet up and talk about it!
Call or email me now – I‘m looking forward to hearing/reading from you!

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